Monday, May 05, 2008

Wesak at the Hidden Gardens

Wesak at the Hidden Gardens
Saturday May 10 2008

Welcome to the fifth celebration of Wesak at the Hidden Gardens of the life of the Buddha. Wesak is a chance to remember the story of how the Buddha gained Enlightenment and to reflect on what it might mean for individual Buddhists to move towards Enlightenment themselves. Our theme this year is generosity (dana) and there’ll be plenty of opportunities to give and to receive. Throughout the day, there will be information, craft and activity stalls scattered throughout the Hidden Gardens and Tramway.

11.00 Opening procession (from backdoor of Tramway – assemble in Tramway 4 if wet)

followed by Welcome, offerings and chanting (Tramway 4)

12.00 Meditation (Tramway 4)

Mask and card making workshop (Tramway – near back door)

Storytelling (Yurt)

12.30 Dana - donation of lunch (Boilerhouse)

1.45 Meditation (Tramway 4)

Walking meditation (The Rill)

Drumming workshop for children of all ages (on lawn – in Yurt if wet)

2.30 Symposium: Generosity (Tramway 4) Ven Rewatha (Scotland’s Buddhist Vihara), Karl Kaliski (Cloud Water Zen Group) and Dharmacarani Ratnadevi (Western Buddhist Order). Short talks, discussion and audience Q+A. Chaired by Prof Perry Schmidt-Leukel, Professor of Systematic Theology and Religious Studies, University of Glasgow

4.00 Closing ritual (on lawn – Tramway 4 if wet)

With an ancient Buddhist chant: 'SABBE SATTA SUKHI HONTU' – may all beings be happy. Let’s hear it in as many languages as possible! We’ll end with a brief recitation of some of the Buddha’s words on loving kindness.