Saturday, November 11, 2006


The Scotland’s Buddhist Vihara has been serving the community for over four years with the generous help from our devotees and friends from every corner of the UK. Vihara has been very successful in raising funds to help people affected by the 2004 tsunami in Sri Lanka with both short and long term projects. Vihara with the support of its devotees and friends has provided Buddhist teaching, charitable, cultural and meditation programmes in its current premises of very limited space.
There is no doubt that in order to accommodate our busy schedule of programmes we desperately need more space and, as a result, the Vihara Committee is now planning to purchase a spacious permanent home in Scotland.
The proposed premise is estimated to cost around £160,000. The point has come when we have to act fast in order to raise enough funds for the deposit(£25,000) to secure the property and apply for a mortgage for the balance of the purchase price.
At this time we are compelled to turn to our devotees and loyal friends to ask for contributions to raise the required deposit, either as a one off donation, or a long-term loan, to make the dream of having our Scotland Buddhist Vihara permanent premises a reality. You may wish to make donations dedicating to living or departed loved ones. We are determined to go ahead with the purchase of new Vihara premises to ensure we have enough space and facilities to continue with our religious, charitable, cultural and educational activities in a peaceful setting.
We would be most grateful if you are able to assist us generously in this good deed with financial donations, may it be big or small, enabling us to continue with the purchase of the new Theravada Buddhist Vihara premises.
Please contact the Vihara directly, on 0141 586 7493 (before 15/11/06), if you would like to discuss about making a donation or arranging a loan. Donations can be made by cheque payable to “The Vihara Fund, c/o Scotland’s Buddhist Vihara.

With Metta,

Scotland’s Buddhist Vihara and Trustees of the Vihara Fund.